We are thrilled to unveil the latest additions to our space the Welcome Wall AND our recently completed vintage-modern chandelier.  Both custom designed and built for ULS together they create an even more striking impact as you first walk in and offer new ways to customize the space.

Constructed of salvaged barnwood custom steelwork and mirrors the wall also integrates a chalkboard for custom greetings.

And your event becomes a part of the Welcome Wall.  ULS will create a laser engraved board for each event to seamlessly integrate into the wall (and you get to keep it afterward!)

Be sure to tell your florist… Four custom steel budvases line the left side of the wall with infinity mirrors behind to multiply the flowers.

The waterfall shelf (perfect for guest books or favors) is one-of-a-kind specially fabricated for ULS out of blackened steel.

And we absolutely love the new chandelier designed by the ULS team.  It has 30 vintage Edison light bulbs which add a cozy warm light to the space.

A big thank you to Jim Graham of Graham Baba Architects for the design assistance Jimmy Saxson for the custom craftsmanship and Duffy from Electric Coffin for building the chandalier.

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