Are you a fan of delicious and amazing food? Yay! So are we! This is why when you book your event or wedding at Urban Light Studios we offer four fabulous catering options for you to choose from. And since we at ULS love to be a top-notch resource for all of your event needs here at the studio we convinced Shubert Ho owner and chef of Shooby Doo Catering and one of our four fantastic catering options to answer some much needed questions for us. All ones that we having been dying to know!

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Q: So Shubert first tell me about how you came up with the name of your company why Shooby-Doo?

A: With a name like Shubert Ho your friends can come up with A LOT of nicknames for you.  Everyone calls me Shu or Shooby and somehow Shooby Doo developed.  At first we weren’t sold on the name but since everyone would call me Shooby Doo we knew it was the right choice!

Q: We know that obviously all of your dishes are crazy-delicious (The bacon wrapped prawns are our personal favorite) but which item on the menu really excites you above all the rest?

A: There are quite a few items on my menus that I don’t think I’ll ever get sick of.  I like adding complexity to a dish while maintaining a nice balance of textures and flavors.  With that said my all-time favorite (right now of course because this could change any minute) would be my braised short ribs with porcini mushroom gratin.

Photo credit: Urban Light Studios

Q: As one of our preferred caterers you seem to know ULS like the back of your hand. What makes the space such a great place to show off your culinary skills?

A: I pride myself in creating delicious food from scratch.  I using only fresh and natural ingredients and it is apparent in what I make.  Going into a space like ULS I know exactly what to expect with the kitchen space and what I can accomplish there.  Whether it’s an intimidate dinner for 10 or reception in the 100’s I can make any menu shine at ULS.

Q: In the past you spent your days as restaurant chef – what was it that made you make the switch and venture into catering?

A: Food has always been my passion bottom line.  I enjoyed my time in the restaurant industry and maybe one day that will merge with my catering business but I don’t get the same client interactions while working at a restaurant.  Being able to custom tailor a menu to exactly what the client wants is more satisfying and interesting than working in a restaurant.  I somehow managed to balance both the restaurant and catering for about three years.  Then with the support and push from my loving wife and family I decided to dive straight into catering.  So far so good!

Shubert and his wife Mira

Q: You have catered so many awesome events at ULS and although it would be impossible to choose a favorite (and we wouldn’t ask you to!) what was an event or moment in an event that has really stuck out in your mind?

A: We love working at ULS because we have such a great connection with the staff and are familiar with all the ins and outs.  Our goal is to do everything we can to ensure the client and their guests are as comfortable and relaxed as possible.  I enjoy the privilege of being involved in such a special day.  At the end of the night when dinner has been served dessert is out and everyone is dancing up a storm I feel happy to know I possibly had a slight hand in making their day flawless!

Q: Okay Shubert one last question. So many couples getting married at ULS want to make sure that everyone’s tastes and food preferences are satisfied at their wedding. What’s the best way to make sure that you are choosing the right menu for your particular event?

A: Everyone knows it’s the bride and groom’s day.  First off they want to make sure they are happy with their choices.  Picking items that are in season so everything is fresh is my second suggestion.  I think it’s great to push the culinary palette a little.  Have items that you know your guests love whether they are meat eaters vegetarians or vegans have a nice variety of comforts they know they’ll enjoy and maybe an item or two of something that as a little outside the box.

Photo credit: Urban Light Studios

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