We’ve had the privilege of hosting video shoots for 4 of Seattle’s most famous companies (we’re under gag order) in recent weeks and their productions had one thing in common: no video camera.  

Video crews are increasingly choosing to use new generation DSLRs (still cameras) like the Canon 5D Mark II instead of traditional film/video cameras.   These mini high tech marvels offer gorgeous quality HD video and the ability to use all of the high quality lenses used for still photography while being no larger than Uncle Wally’s Olympus film SLR from back in the 70s.  

This offers the exciting potential of high powered HD in every photographer’s bag with cameras that cost only a couple thousand instead of 10s or 100s of thousands.  Major Hollywood movies are even using them as disposable” cameras for stunt cars and explosions – the quality is that good.  And for event applications this offers the ability to have one photographer shooting both stills and video with the same camera sure to open lots of possibilities.

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