We are not your average wedding photographers.

Oh don’t get us wrong, we’re going to get kick a** photos of your wedding or any event. We are working professional photographers who apply the high-end photography and lighting techniques we utilize on our biggest commercial and fashion clients to your big day.

Whoever the guy is who decided wedding photos need to be cheeseball – we’d like to lock him up. We shoot you and guests like we would for the pages of a glossy fashion magazine. Boring is not an option – we’ve put our creative edge on everything we do.

Anyone who has owned a pocket camera knows how godly unflattering the photos are when that flash goes off indoors. Yet most event photographers shoot their images with a very similar light!

80-90% of our images are shot without on-camera flash, utilizing our ULS Fashion Lighting system. We have professional strobe lighting rigged to our ceilings which our photographers trigger remotely from their cameras. The result is that we are able to craft light and shadow to create the best possible image from every angle – we can even light up an entire room evenly if we so desire. No more blown out groomsmen in front and darkness in the background.

We’d be happy to geek out more and show you how it all works – the bottom line is that we create far superior images to what anyone else can shoot in our space. And that’s not even mentioning our fully stocked professional studio downstairs – where we have every tool to craft “formal” images of the bride and groom (as edgy as you’ll let us).

And a word of caution for those of you who have a “friend” willing to shoot your wedding for free – take heed. We’ve seen too many tears of disappointment – we’ll do you a favor and kindly suggest you leave it to the pros. Event photography is hard – and you only get one chance to get it right.

Allow us to introduce you to our team, below. We work in a coherent style utilizing the ULS Fashion Lighting system, yet each photographer puts their own creative twist on things. That’s the only way we’d have it, really. Oh, and they have actual personalities and a sense of humor, gasp.