After MONTHS and MONTHS of work we finally get to pull back the curtain for you on our new adventure – this time in the heart of Pioneer Square. We are preserving the former Elliott Bay Book Co. and turning the 122-year-old 6000-square-foot space into an axis point for history art culture photography and events…  Introducing AXIS Pioneer Square.

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Sitting on 1st avenue between Main and Jackson just imagine the ridiculous history…




Before it was built in 1891 the trees on it were cut and turned into lumber by Henry Yesler’s Skid Road mill the wood that built the new Seattle. Once cleared it was the site of the city’s first hospital run by the legendary David “Doc” Maynard. It was also the place where our namesake Chief Seattle sat for his portrait. How much deeper can Seattle roots go?


Built as a commercial building after the great fire it has housed a saloon a hotel (The Globe) a drug company a gold mining company a 1920s bootlegging operation (that once blew up) and a quilt factory. The terms “seamstress” used to be euphemism for Pioneer Square prostitute but the quilting company really did employ people who sewed and Jones says the upper floods are reinforced because of the heavy machines they used.


The architect by the way was a descendant of Daniel Boone. So the Globe (originally called the Marshall-Walker Building) is a survivor as the Square’s historic building have had to be and an adaptable one.




Let’s take a playful trip to Minneapolis and then fly through pathways of urban creations.  This is what FOUR shows in one art walk will enable you to do!  Ok let’s break them down:  PLAY” is a show in honor of new Woodland Park Zoo exhibits designed for the child at heart “Minneapolis” presented by Ryan Henry Ward whom was inspired after a month long residency in the city and then decided to bring some of the strongest artists to Seattle “Urban Avant Garde: Part II” curated by Andy Miller will be nothing less than sensory overload so if you missed the show last month here is your chance! and “Sprouting Wings Round 2″ by Vera Pashkevich is like a trip through a mystical and surreal world through Vera’s eyes.


Amor Immensus is latin for love beyond measure”.  How can one even begin to measure love?  I know I know it’s a loaded question right?!  Well I can suggest how not to try and measure it by requiring a foundation that is strictly comprised of a man and a woman.  Throughout the course of history the human race has overcome many social injustices.  The hope is that the right to marry whomever you choose will become yet another celebratory historical moment.  Now…here is some love for you to love :)

…and of course…. :)

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