INTRODUCING… This month we are thrilled to introduce Jack Crawford and his unique show “SEAscapes.” Jack has been secretly creating some of the most unique renditions of Seattle landmarks for years and finally we coaxed him into showing off. Iconic Northwest haunts are transformed with clean lines and bright colors allowing you to rediscover what you love about Seattle in a new and modern screen print. Limited edition prints are available on all posters.

ALSO THIS MONTH…. Flower Designs by Flying Bear Farm
See truly inspired organic (plus some home grown) flower designs by florist Melissa Brown with Flying Bear Farm (also just in time for Valentine’s Day). Flying Bear Farm will also be taking orders for “Heart Day” if you want to surprise your sweetie.


Imagine bold colors humor luminescent surfaces expressive messages and vintage lettering.  All of these visual components are what make up the spectrum of art that will be on display this month through the creative genius of Kyle “Maynerd” Lunneborg and Duffy with Electric Coffin.


There is a consistent piece of feedback that we get from people it goes like this we love your website there are so many great pictures but it is really hard to tell how these awesome rooms are connected…”.  So we decided to do something about this and give you the experience of a virtual 360 degree tour through our incredible and unique space!  Sit back relax maybe even drink some wine and take a tour.  Enjoy :)

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