This was a valued rug”  “Am I wrong?”  “You mean Johnson?”  “Ah…that must be exhausting”  “Mind if I do a J?”  “My dirty undies dude….the whites”  “You’re killing your father Larry”  “Obviously you’re not a golfer”….I could keep going here but I think you know what I am getting at….It’s a Lebowski art walk man!  If you haven’t seen this movie (which is criminal it that is the case) you will still have a seriously good time.  Over 30 artists have come together to represent one of the funniest movies ever made.  Appropriate refreshments will be provided and you may even find a bowling alley.  So don’t be un-dude and abide and come to this art walk because if you don’t you are entering a world of pain.


Urban Light Studios has been described as Candy Land for Photographers”.  I happen to agree.  You can stroll along the paths through the rooms and find endless backdrops nooks and crannies to shoot with.  In addition to this incredibly vast and unique setting all of our lighting and grip equipment is included in every rental.  For a limited time only (June July & August 2013) we are offering a free trade up on our monthly affiliate program.  What does that mean you ask?  Well it means that for the price of 10 monthly hours you get 16 and for the price of 16 monthly hours you get 24!  Read up about our monthly affiliate levels here.  For some inspiration on how various photographers have used this amazing space check out our Shot at ULS gallery here.  Because let’s be honest who didn’t at one point in their lives want to call Candy Land home?


Put on your comfy shoes art walkers cause it’s the BIG one!  Every year in May we give you a double dose of art walkin so if you don’t get your fill during the Friday evening art walk you can swing on by Saturday from noon to 5 to take it all in.  This May we bring you the collective work of Maynerd Sly Cooley and Mat Savage…okay….those names are just awesome!  All together they are typically outlandish and delightfully overwhelming.  We are also happy to be one of the stops that the Mobile Screen Video Art Tour will be making brought to you by the Interstitial Theatre.  As if all of that wasn’t enough; we are welcoming the Seattle School of Music into our artful home to dazzle us with some kid-fiddlers…that’s right groups of kids will be playing those fiddles to their hearts’ content :)

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