Clockwork Art ULS 2017

Urban Light Studios & the Seattle Arts Coalition present:

Friday, 14 July from 6-10pm

Opening Reception (Main Gallery):
“Mechanical Aviary”
by Braden Duncan (ClockworkArt)
Watercolour birds augmented with mechanical accoutrement

Closing Reception (Auxiliary Gallery):
“The Art of Greg Colligan”
Oil paintings & pin-ups

Braden Duncan (a.k.a. Clockwork Art). Artist & curator. Watercolour & oil. Steampunk & circuitry. She is inspired by the intricate elegance created by the convergence of biological and mechanical elements, and fascinated by the effects of transformative technologies on contemporary society. She aims to take over the world with the strange and the adorable.

Her current bodies of work focus on kittens, birds, bunnies & bugs augmented with mechanical & pop culture accoutrement.

Braden is the co-founder of the Seattle Arts Coalition, writer of Art Scene Seattle, curator of Steamposium’s Artist Alley, and a member of the international Strange Dreams Surreal Artist Collective. She lives and works in Seattle and regularly assists with curating & art installation for a number of galleries around the Northwest. She can usually be found covered in oil paint, watercolour, engine grease, and cat hair.

Braden’s little black kitten, Diesel, is her constant companion & artistic muse. Ghost & Earl Grey are her newest studio assistants and aspire soon to follow in Diesel’s paw prints.

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