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Urban Light Studios presents:

“Corvidae” – featuring the work of Shyla Carter-Braxtan

Opening Reception:
Friday, 8 September, 6-10pm

Closing Reception:
Friday, 13 October, 6-10pm

“Corvidae” uses the crow in both a physical and symbolic form to weave narrative, stemming from Braxtan’s fascination with the bird’s social behaviors, intelligence, and cultural emblem. She creates a connection between the crow and the human form, likening her sense of self to the symbol. “Corvidae” explores dream sequences, self-reflection, and inner turmoil, combining representational elements with bold, cubist forms.

Shyla is a Seattle-based artist from Spokane, WA. She graduated from Cornish College of the Arts in 2015. From there, she studied under Kimberly Trowbridge in the Trowbridge Atelier at Gage Academy of Art until 2016. Presently, Shyla is a working artist at Equinox Studios in Seattle’s Georgetown neighborhood.​

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