Why yes that is a gallery in our gallery.   June brought us Free Life Center” – an arts grant funded touring gallery and exhibition.  Yes a touring gallery.   Portland artists Seth Neefus and Mark Warren Jaques created a modular art gallery structure out of salvaged materials.  They then set out on a journey through the US and Canada with their gallery and artwork towed beind them.  We were priviliged to be their only Seattle stop as the structure was constructed inside our Main Space for a one night show then disassembled and gone less than 24 hours later.   All were treated to an especially unique evening of art and music including a rousing musical set by the Lonesome Billies.”


The May Annual Art Walk was our grandest affair yet!  Featuring the endearing artwork of Calamity Jon Morris the music of Squirrel Butter and Titianium Sporkestra – YES – a marching band which paraded our hallways each of the hundreds of visitors seemed to have a smile on their face.  One bewildered first time visitor told us I feel like I’ve discovered a secret magical land” and another compared the crowds on Greenwood Ave during the Art Walk to navigating Bourbon Street.  The Greenwood-Phinney art scene is definitely in full force. 

Thanks to all of our artists – Dalton Webb Justin Ison Tom Dougherty to our house DJs Bobby Trendy for the beats and all of our old and new friends.  We’ll see you next month – June 11 6-10p for “Free Life Center” a special travelling gallery show out of Portland making a Seattle stop for one night only.”


We enjoyed a great 50s flashback photo shoot here today thanks to the creativity of Nicole Laye and Heather Lynn.  Nicole has created a line of amazing one of a kind airbrush painted kitchen mixers reminiscent of finely detailed automotive art.   Working with photographer Heather they perfectly utilized our retro-modern studio kitchen to create a surreally stunnning look – we all felt like we were walking around in Leave it to Beaver” all day.  Check out Nicole’s mixer artwork at
un-amore.com and Heather’s photography at heatherlynnphotographie.com

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