Urban Light Studios presents:

Odette Allen’s
“Beautiful Refuge”

Opening Reception:
Friday, 12 January 2018, 6-10pm

Encore Reception:
Friday, 9 February 2018, 6-10pm

About the show: “Beautiful Refuge”

Seattle has a reputation for outdoors culture and appreciation, but my dialog with the outdoors is a little different. I never go hiking. I hate camping. I am not “outdoorsy” at all. But I deeply love the natural elements of where we live. I find it comforting to orient myself by mountains and oceans or lakes.

Most importantly, being able to take a breath and look to the sky brings me peace when national politics or violence breaks my heart. Our environment becomes a place my heart can relax into and I can return to my higher self, my greater purpose. There is a romance and spirituality there that cannot be found elsewhere for me.

That sense of relief is really the crux of these pieces, they are about the solace to be found in our natural surroundings, and the romance of having a beautiful refuge for a moment, to remind myself to breathe.

About these pieces:

These paintings were created over the past year as I began to notice my relationship between seeing the sky and finding peace within myself. Each of these works shows a scene or a view that has lifted my heart. That sense of relief is really the crux of this work, they are about the solace to be found in our natural surroundings, and the romance of having a beautiful refuge for a moment, to remind myself to breathe.

Artist Statement:

Like so many artists, I was a troublesome child. My mother eventually found that if you gave me art supplies, I would cease to torture and destroy everything within reach. It is, sadly, all still true.

I am inspired by nature, landscapes, the need for justice, and the people who fight for equity. I am driven by a relentless need to create, which is now tempered by recognition of the scale of human struggle. Ultimately, I want to lend my talents to raising the voices of those in need.

More info:
IG @odettelovespaint



Mountain Moments is a series of Nikki Frumkin’s watercolor and ink paintings inspired by and often made in the mountains.

Opening Reception:
Friday, December 8th from 6-9 pm

Encore Reception:
Friday, January 12th from 6-9 pm

Many of these paintings were made from Pacific Northwest summits, ridges, lakes and valleys on hiking, climbing and mountaineering trips. The paintings seek to capture the mountains and the way they make us feel.

Prints, stickers and some art gear will be available to purchase at the opening as well as original art.

More at www.drawntohighplaces.com



Urban Light Studios presents:

Scott Moore’s
“Zen & the Silent Voices of Critters & Trees”

From Scott:

Come and see some of my paintings and drawings of critters and bonsai trees!

My outlook on life and influences on my art come from travels and experiences. We all draw on what we know, or believe we know. I believe my travels and experiences, which include various places in the US, Europe, Western Africa, Asia, have shaped who I am. I did my undergraduate work in Montana with exchanges and overseas studies in France and Africa. I attended graduate school at the University of Hawaii, and then moved to Japan in 1990 where I have spent ten years full time, and many more traveling back and forth. I now reside in Seattle.

I started college as a Fine Arts major, although I eventually finished with degrees in both linguistics and political science. Art has always been a part of my life.

In 2007 I started a fine art reproduction and giclée printing business called Bellevue Fine Art Reproduction in Seattle (Bellevue). My day job is now reproducing artwork for other artists and fine art photographers, which is not only an interesting job, but has an enormous impact on my own work, serving as a daily inspiration.

Opening Reception:
Friday, 10 November, 6-10pm

Encore Reception:
Friday, 8 December, 6-10pm

More info:


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