Amor Immensus is latin for love beyond measure”.  How can one even begin to measure love?  I know I know it’s a loaded question right?!  Well I can suggest how not to try and measure it by requiring a foundation that is strictly comprised of a man and a woman.  Throughout the course of history the human race has overcome many social injustices.  The hope is that the right to marry whomever you choose will become yet another celebratory historical moment.  Now…here is some love for you to love :)

…and of course…. :)


ULS is giving you the super sweet deal of two shows for the free price of one!  Urban Avant Garde curated by Andrew Miller will feature the sights and sounds of over 50 of Seattle’s finest in visual art and music to interpret their work to the theme of Modern Art.  The upstairs will play host to an open mic style music affair and the visual components will be splayed all over the walls; both up and down.  Sprouting Wings by Vera Pashkevich will feature 80-100 print transfers onto 4×4 wooden blocks.  These ethereal images that will fade into each other are a reflection of Vera’s fascination with magical realism and will be on display in our smaller gallery downstairs.  These shows truly are not to be missed!


If any of you have been to Horseshoe in Ballard than you already know it is filled with to-die-for must-have fashion!  Jill the owner likes to think of her store as an opportunity for a lady to express her rugged individualism while never denying her charming femininity.  We recently had the pleasure of having the lovely ladies of Horseshoe here at the studio for a photo shoot to capture their new Spring Nautical line.  They utilized the brick wall and red barn door in the downstairs studio to stay true to that rugged and feminine combo while using an old rusted anchor and wooden paddles as props to create that nautical feel.  Check out what they captured that day here on their blogspot.  Horseshoe also has a great Lookbook site that you can drool over check it out here.  Everything in the store is also available on the web store and there is always free shipping!

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