In late February we had the crew of DList Magazine back at ULS for a photo shoot geared towards finding their next cover girl.  There was a bevy of beauties in every room gettin their hair and make-up did and multiple sets going on all at the same time.  What could appear as quite the frenzy was a very impressively organized photo shoot.  Our hats off to DList for making our space look so damn good!  Here are a couple behind the scenes photos as well as a behind the scenes video courtesy of DList Magazine and the issue featuring the images captured that day.


The month of December is synonymous with glad tidings festival lights and holiday mayhem.  Come celebrate the season at Urban Light Studios on Friday December 13th as we pay an artistic tribute to the history of National Lampoon featuring the work of over 40 of Seattle’s finest artists and performers.  We will be screening Christmas Vacation throughout the evening and serving up some tasty refreshments!


Cyrus Kanga an avid traveler is based out of Redmond WA.  His photographic works fall between the aesthetic and documentary.  In Cyrus’s own words If these photographs have a purpose it is this: they humanize.  I photograph to create a connection…to capture a pose a thought a glimpse a moment.  Whatever the situation these images stir up unexpected feelings in me.  Transcending time my mind takes me back to the moments when a smile is pure inspiration when eyes respond to a friendly gesture when laughter of children brings down boundaries when a brilliant scene is heavenly communion.  These are moments caught in stillness to stir movement within one’s inner depth.”  You can view Cyrus’s work in person this Friday September 13th click here to link to the facebook invite.

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