Photo Shoot Spotlight:
Feb2013 27

If any of you have been to Horseshoe in Ballard, than you already know it is filled with to-die-for, must-have fashion!  Jill, the owner, likes to think of her store as an opportunity for a lady to express her rugged individualism while never denying her charming femininity.  We recently had the pleasure of having the lovely ladies of Horseshoe here at the studio for a photo shoot to capture their new Spring Nautical line.  They utilized the brick wall and red barn door in the downstairs studio to stay true to that rugged and feminine combo while using an old, rusted anchor and wooden paddles as props to create that nautical feel.  Check out what they captured that day here on their blogspot.  Horseshoe also has a great Lookbook site that you can drool over, check it out here.  Everything in the store is also available on the web store and there is always free shipping!


Photo Shoot Spotlight:
Feb2013 11

We recently had the pleasure of hosting Samantha Fosse for her photo shoot featuring her unique and beautiful bridal headpieces.  Sam's background is in apparel design.  She designed for well-known companies such as Nordstrom, Tommy Bahama and Eddie Bauer.  Sam's design approach begins with feathers, flowers, leaves or wings.  She then marries that foundation with relics of the past like brooches, beads, Victorian laces and vintage ribbons while deriving inspiration from the Marchesa Casati, Mother Nature, Nancy Cunard and the embellishment of Alexander McQueen.  She likes to think of it as "upcycling".  Head to the downtown Seattle CICADA to try on Sam's headpieces!  Here are some behind the scenes shots of the photo shoot...


Feb Art Walk Preview: (this Fri 6-10p)
Feb2013 6

INTRODUCING... This month, we are thrilled to introduce Jack Crawford and his unique show "SEAscapes." Jack has been secretly creating some of the most unique renditions of Seattle landmarks for years and finally, we coaxed him into showing off. Iconic Northwest haunts are transformed with clean lines and bright colors allowing you to rediscover what you love about Seattle in a new and modern screen print. Limited edition prints are available on all posters.

ALSO THIS MONTH.... Flower Designs by Flying Bear Farm
See truly inspired organic (plus some home grown) flower designs by florist Melissa Brown with Flying Bear Farm (also just in time for Valentine's Day). Flying Bear Farm will also be taking orders for "Heart Day" if you want to surprise your sweetie.


Art Walk Preview:
Jan2013 7

Imagine bold colors, humor, luminescent surfaces, expressive messages and vintage lettering.  All of these visual components are what make up the spectrum of art that will be on display this month through the creative genius of Kyle "Maynerd" Lunneborg and Duffy with Electric Coffin.


Take a Virtual Tour!
Jan2013 4

There is a consistent piece of feedback that we get from people, it goes like this, "we love your website, there are so many great pictures, but it is really hard to tell how these awesome rooms are connected...".  So, we decided to do something about this and give you the experience of a virtual, 360 degree tour through our incredible and unique space!  Sit back, relax, maybe even drink some wine, and take a tour.  Enjoy :)


Art Walk Preview:
Dec2012 11

For December's art walk, Urban Light Studios will be showcasing artists who have a flair for the dramatic, an eye for texture, and a tendency toward the fantastical and 3-dimensional.  Curated by Braden Duncan and Zachary Sophia.  In addition to the main show, we will also be doing round 2 of last month's "Below The Benjamins" show, where all art is $100 or less!  Both shows will be a great opportunity to pick up some unique Christmas gifts :)


Welcoming the Welcome Wall (and chandelier)!
Nov2012 20

We are thrilled to unveil the latest additions to our space, the Welcome Wall AND our recently completed vintage-modern chandelier.  Both custom designed and built for ULS, together they create an even more striking impact as you first walk in and offer new ways to customize the space.

Constructed of salvaged barnwood, custom steelwork and mirrors, the wall also integrates a chalkboard for custom greetings.

And your event becomes a part of the Welcome Wall.  ULS will create a laser engraved board for each event to seamlessly integrate into the wall (and you get to keep it afterward!)

Be sure to tell your florist… Four custom steel budvases line the left side of the wall with infinity mirrors behind to multiply the flowers.

The waterfall shelf (perfect for guest books or favors) is one-of-a-kind specially fabricated for ULS out of blackened steel.

And we absolutely love the new chandelier, designed by the ULS team.  It has 30 vintage Edison light bulbs which add a cozy warm light to the space.

A big thank you to Jim Graham of Graham Baba Architects for the design assistance, Jimmy Saxson for the custom craftsmanship and Duffy from Electric Coffin for building the chandalier.


ULS Weddings: DUOS Catering featured in the Seattle Times!
Nov2012 10

Our friends and one of our preferred caterers Duos Catering were on the FRONT PAGE of the Seattle Times on Friday in an article about the passage of R74, which legalized same-sex marriage in Washington. The Seattle Times wrote: "Now that Referendum 74 has passed, Benjamin Jury, left, and Joshua Cooper of Duos Catering in West Seattle, are planning their wedding while they work with a group of Seattle-area businesses to market and provide services to same-sex weddings." (Erika Schultz/The Seattle Times)

Photo Credit: Erika Shultz/The Seattle Times

What Seattle-area businesses? URBAN LIGHT STUDIOS, of course! We've teamed up with Shindig Events and Duos and are offering a Rush to the Altar Special. Check it out and congratulations again to Josh, Ben and the Duos team! [..]

Art Walk Preview:
Nov2012 6

All art will be under $100!  This is a great opportunity to snag some incredible art at a very budget friendly price for yourself or as a gift...Christmas is right around the corner!  You are going to find more than just wall decor, there will be jewelry, hair pieces, nik-nak's and so much more!  Featuring some of Seattle's favorite artists and some fresh ones too.


ULS Wedding featured on Offbeat Bride!
Nov2012 2

Excited doesn't even begin to describe how we felt over here at ULS when saw Danielle and Gonzalo's "bilingual dance party wedding" pop up on one of our favorite websites of all time, Offbeat Bride! Yes, we love to geek out on that website, and yes, we love Ariel, one of our favorite local ladies and the site's founder, and yes, we LOVED being part of Danielle and Gonzalo's big day (not only did it take place at ULS, our team photographed the wedding!).

Feast your eyes on these two beauties and read up about the details of their wedding and what they did to make it special on Offbeat Bride. You will likely recognize them as their photographs were all over our 2012 in Photos blog post we wrote a few weeks ago. And huge thanks to Danielle, the bride, for submitting her photos!



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