ULS Wedding featured on Offbeat Bride!
Nov2012 2

Excited doesn't even begin to describe how we felt over here at ULS when saw Danielle and Gonzalo's "bilingual dance party wedding" pop up on one of our favorite websites of all time, Offbeat Bride! Yes, we love to geek out on that website, and yes, we love Ariel, one of our favorite local ladies and the site's founder, and yes, we LOVED being part of Danielle and Gonzalo's big day (not only did it take place at ULS, our team photographed the wedding!).

Feast your eyes on these two beauties and read up about the details of their wedding and what they did to make it special on Offbeat Bride. You will likely recognize them as their photographs were all over our 2012 in Photos blog post we wrote a few weeks ago. And huge thanks to Danielle, the bride, for submitting her photos!



ULS Weddings: Rush to the Altar Wedding Package
Oct2012 22

What better way to celebrate what we hope will be a landslide passage of R74 than to get married? And what better place to get married than at URBAN LIGHT STUDIOS!? Now through April, Urban Light Studios is offering two different packages to make it as easy as possible to have the wedding of your dreams. We've partnered with different vendors to who share our commitment to equality and who can make sure everything gets done and goes perfectly on your big day.


ULS Weddings: 2012 in photos
Oct2012 16

2012 is one for the picture books. Out of all the events we've had in our space this year, over half booked one of our photography packages. Our team of photographers have been tirelessly shooting and editing thousands of images - we are excited to share a few of our favorites with you.


ULS Weddings:
Oct2012 13

You're interested in Urban Light Studios for your wedding and you've heard the raves, but you just can't visualize how it will all work. I understand - it's a unique space and every wedding here is different. However, there are some guidelines that help things run smoothly.

I also understand that you don't plan your wedding every day. This is a new thing, and it's a big deal! There are a lot of things and people to manage, from different vendors to your well-meaning mother-in-law.

I love hearing from couples post-wedding how easy and seamless their event was - and I hear it after nearly EVERY wedding. So, here's a quick look at what to expect after you book this unique space, from right after you sign your contract until you walk out of the venue at the end of your big night in your flip flops (tip #1: bring flats).


Art Walk Preview:
Oct2012 8

This Friday, stop, stare and marvel at the intricacy of the linocut and lithography work by 6 different artists.  The depths of these pieces range from abstract and architectural to mystic and whimsical.  To round out the whole theme of the show, there will be a poetry reading courtesy of Greenwood Lit Crawl.  Curated by ULS's very own, Elise Roberts.


ULS Weddings: Vendor Spotlight - Off-White Makeup and Beauty
Sep2012 15

Ever since Megan came in to introduce herself to me last year, I've been recommeding her whole-heartedly to anyone who wants a little help looking extra special on their wedding day. She's professional, sweet, GORGEOUS, and her portfolio was so impressive - I knew that brides would feel comfortable in her capable hands and be impressed with their transformations. I was excited to learn more about Megan. We've seen each other at so many industry events and are in fairly regular contact about business, so it was fun to learn more about her, her business Off-White Makeup and Beauty, and get some beauty tips!


Art Walk Preview:
Sep2012 12

The photography of Adrian Wyard and Kim Hood will show you their photographic interpretations of rolling hills and sweeping concrete walls.  Ansel Adams would be proud.  Curated by Zachary Sofia.  Part of the monthly Greenwood/Phinney art walk.


Save the Date: September 19th - Free party to support marriage equality!
Sep2012 7


Duos Catering, Shindig Events and Urban Light Studios are three gay-marriage-loving small businesses and are collaborating to throw a big ol' fundraiser/party here at Urban Light Studios on September 19th from 6-9pm to benefit Washington United for Marriage and the fight to approve Referendum 74.


Behind the Scenes: D List fashion shoot
Aug2012 27

Check out this great behind the scenes video of the recent D List magazine fashion shoot at ULS.  We can't wait to see the final shots - the issue comes out Sept. 15, so be sure to check out the D List website.



Art Walk Preview:
Aug2012 7

This month's art walk will "rack" your world!  Curators, Solace and Mat Savage, have teamed up with the Keep A Breast Foundation to help eradicate breast cancer by exposing young people to methods of prevention, early detection and support via these decked out casts.  The walls will be adorned with torso casts of the world's top female snowboarders and skiers, painted by Seattle's best artists.  You can't touch, but you can look all you want.   It's gonna be a boobiefull show ;)


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