Prime dates available and up for grabs!
May2015 12

If you are planning any kind of special event, we still have some seriously PRIME dates available in 2015!  We offer a truly unique space for your event that not only enables you to purchase and supply your own alcohol (big money saver!) but with the existing eclectic vibe, you don't have to do much in terms of decor.  Nice and simple!  Being that we are also a photography studio, you can hire the in-house photography team to document your event.  If you are into the venue and our photography, we offer a package that bundles both, so awesome we had to dub it, The Ridiculous Package.

You can read more about our rates, caterers, etc here.  You can also check out our photography portfolio and blog here.  We absolutely love showing guests around our incredible space, so please feel free to reach out to us to schedule a tour.  This is the kind of place you really need to see to believe!


Art Walk Preview:  Amelia Sherritt SOLO Exhibition - this Fri 5/8 6-10pm!
May2015 6

This show is sure to appeal to all those wine-o's out there!  Amelia Sherritt has been rooted in the Seattle area for her entire life.  She finds inspiration in her city, as well as the surrounding beauty of Washington State.  Amelia began working with recycled art in 2007, her palette solely comprised of foils from emptied wine bottles.  Each piece of art contains hundreds if not thousands of recycled wine foils.

"I love to think of how each foil represents a memory or experience shared.  By re-purposing these foils, I am able to make what would normally be thrown away into something long lasting and beautiful."

See more of Amelia's work here:


Art Walk Preview:  Jeremy Kronbach Solo Exhibition - this Fri 3/13 6-10pm!
Mar2015 11

Jeremy Kronbach's body of work serves as a reflection of travel, echoing the idea of place.  Sometimes, his paintings suggest a physical location, other times compositions emerge from memories associated with the idea of a former home.  Inspired by West Coast abstract expressionists such as Richard Diebonkorn and Raimonds Staprans, Jeremy uses abstraction to process the difficulty of returning to the places he used to inhabit while attempting to connect the duality of past and present.

His goal is to depict the psychic states associated with a specific place as a means of self-knowledge and awareness,  His painting practice parallels the travel process, revealing nuanced layers and combining them with new information through the continued journey.

See more of his work here:


Art Walk Preview:
Feb2015 11

Urban Light Studios is proud to present the work of conceptual photographer Vera Pashkevich.

Vera’s work echoes a sense of childlike wonderment in a series of nighttime portraits lit by LEDs. Assembling large installations on location, she portrays the effects of modernity and light pollution by transforming otherwise untouched landscapes into meticulously composed sets. Often influenced by magical realist literature, her primary interest is encouraging the viewer to ask questions.

In her smaller works, she explores alternative processing/printing through experimental portraiture. 

See more of her work here:


Bundle and Save with The Ridiculous Package!
Jan2015 22

There have been a couple different variations of our Ridiculous Package over the years, but this one is really ridiculous!


Art Walk Preview:
Jan2015 6

Urban Light Studios presents Elle Hanley, an American fine art photographer living and working in Seattle.  She emerged four years ago as a self-portrait artist and quickly expanded her work into the realms of fashion and surrealism.  On any given day, Elle can be found scouting locations on the outskirts of the city with her camera handy and her dog nearby.

Elle's scope of work addresses the natural tension between the human form and the space it occupies.  Her sets are often fantastical and ask the viewer to take a participatory role in imagining the narrative behind each piece.  Her work plays on the seemingly apparent contradiction between the modern process and the timless aesthetic, requiring the audience to momentarily suspend disbelief and engage in the storytelling process.


Art Walk Preview:
Dec2014 11

Please join us this Friday for a mini retrospective of three of Seattle's finest art makers!  You will have a rare chance to view the pieces that have been hiding in the studios of Ego, Megon and Solace.  If you've been stumped as to what you should gift your loved ones this holiday season, look no further!

In addition to the enjoyable holiday shopping experience, you can check out live music upstairs and we will have DJ Shane Deegan spinning downstairs.


Art Walk Preview:
Oct2014 6

"He's're out...and I don't think I'm in either."

"I wrote a hit play. What have you done with your life?"

"I'm not talkin about dance lessons. I'm talkin about puttin a brick through the other guys' windsheild. I'm talkin about takin it out and choppin it up."

"Tell them if they don't get off my boat right now, there's going to be a major shit storm."

"I love you too but I'm going to mace you in the face!"

"In a way I'm almost glad that flood interrupted us because I don't like the toast I was giving"

"Jiminy cricket he flew the coop"

"Get your hands off my lobby boy!"

A director as brilliant and creative as this one, deserves an art walk dedicated to his masterpieces. Over 20 artists will come together for this show with their Wes Anderson inspired pieces. We will be screening some of the movies throughout the night and serving up some refreshments. Costums are VERY encouraged, especially since Halloween is right around the corner. In true Wes fashion, It will be an evening of beautifully warm tones and symmetry.


Sep2014 24

For all those companies, businesses, and corporations out there trying to find a place to have your holiday party, Urban Light Studios has the answer!  We have put together a one-stop-shop package deal to make this as easy as possible for you.  Not only is this a sweet deal with great perks, but ULS is a super unique place that is sure to please the coworkers right onto the dance floor and let loose!  Details are displayed below in a fun infographic.  Contact us today to book your holiday party!


Art Walk Preview:
Sep2014 8

Casey Brookbush and Derek Ross proudly present A BIG set of SCI-FI themed large scale, dimensional, contour cut, animated RGB LED backlit (via remote control) programable & absolutely EPIC paintings of Star Trek & Star Wars' most classic cruisers; The USS Enterprise, The Millennium Falcon, X-Wing Fighter, an Imperial Walker with frosty backlighting in a frozen glacial landscape on Hoth (!!!) a Klingon Bird of Prey, Vader's Tie-Fighter & much more..

Derek & Casey have combined their painting skills into an incredibly unique collaborative collection of electronic SCI-FI theme Industrial art pieces. 

Additionally, they will each be displaying some of their own SCI-FI paintings - including pieces based on Godzilla, Forbidden Planet, Blade Runner, Mad Max & more.. 

This is kind of a big deal...
6- 11pm
DJ action by Dano Piano & Alex Mortland
Adults / non-adults / droids welcome
SCI-FI costumes / gadgets encouraged
Adult beverages / Starfleet cocktails
Popcorn & some awesome lighting


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