Art Walk Preview:
Dec2014 11

Please join us this Friday for a mini retrospective of three of Seattle's finest art makers!  You will have a rare chance to view the pieces that have been hiding in the studios of Ego, Megon and Solace.  If you've been stumped as to what you should gift your loved ones this holiday season, look no further!

In addition to the enjoyable holiday shopping experience, you can check out live music upstairs and we will have DJ Shane Deegan spinning downstairs.


Art Walk Preview:
Oct2014 6

"He's're out...and I don't think I'm in either."

"I wrote a hit play. What have you done with your life?"

"I'm not talkin about dance lessons. I'm talkin about puttin a brick through the other guys' windsheild. I'm talkin about takin it out and choppin it up."

"Tell them if they don't get off my boat right now, there's going to be a major shit storm."

"I love you too but I'm going to mace you in the face!"

"In a way I'm almost glad that flood interrupted us because I don't like the toast I was giving"

"Jiminy cricket he flew the coop"

"Get your hands off my lobby boy!"

A director as brilliant and creative as this one, deserves an art walk dedicated to his masterpieces. Over 20 artists will come together for this show with their Wes Anderson inspired pieces. We will be screening some of the movies throughout the night and serving up some refreshments. Costums are VERY encouraged, especially since Halloween is right around the corner. In true Wes fashion, It will be an evening of beautifully warm tones and symmetry.


Sep2014 24

For all those companies, businesses, and corporations out there trying to find a place to have your holiday party, Urban Light Studios has the answer!  We have put together a one-stop-shop package deal to make this as easy as possible for you.  Not only is this a sweet deal with great perks, but ULS is a super unique place that is sure to please the coworkers right onto the dance floor and let loose!  Details are displayed below in a fun infographic.  Contact us today to book your holiday party!


Art Walk Preview:
Sep2014 8

Casey Brookbush and Derek Ross proudly present A BIG set of SCI-FI themed large scale, dimensional, contour cut, animated RGB LED backlit (via remote control) programable & absolutely EPIC paintings of Star Trek & Star Wars' most classic cruisers; The USS Enterprise, The Millennium Falcon, X-Wing Fighter, an Imperial Walker with frosty backlighting in a frozen glacial landscape on Hoth (!!!) a Klingon Bird of Prey, Vader's Tie-Fighter & much more..

Derek & Casey have combined their painting skills into an incredibly unique collaborative collection of electronic SCI-FI theme Industrial art pieces. 

Additionally, they will each be displaying some of their own SCI-FI paintings - including pieces based on Godzilla, Forbidden Planet, Blade Runner, Mad Max & more.. 

This is kind of a big deal...
6- 11pm
DJ action by Dano Piano & Alex Mortland
Adults / non-adults / droids welcome
SCI-FI costumes / gadgets encouraged
Adult beverages / Starfleet cocktails
Popcorn & some awesome lighting


Wedding Venue + Rehearsal Dinner Venue + Photography
Aug2014 27


Art Walk Preview:
Aug2014 5

It is happening again!  Head to Urban Light Studios this Friday August 8th for the 2nd annual Twin Peaks art walk.  Featuring the work of over 20 different artists.  Dress up as a Twin Peaks character and get rewarded!  There will be live music in the air, damn fine cherry pie paintings, and much more!


Fall Venue Rental Sale!
Jul2014 16

Are you planning a last minute wedding or party for October or November 2014?  Well you are in luck because we have put together a pretty sweet deal for you late event planners!  There are all kinds of party planners out there, some plan way in advance and some don't, we wanted to put something together for those who don't ;)  With this Fall Event Sale you will get a discount off the regular venue rental fee, all your tables and chairs included and 1 hour free of overtime if you are working with a day of coordinator.  Details below:

  • Monday - Thursday events in October & November book at $1,000 ($250 savings!)
  • $350 off regular venue rental fee for Friday's, Saturday's & Sunday's in October and November
    • October Fri & Sun - $1,900
    • October Saturday's - $2,600
    • November Fri & Sun - $1,500
    • November Saturday's - $2,150
  • Must book by August 31, 2014 to take advantage of this deal!

Give us a call at 206.708.7281 or email us to check availability and get more info!


Art Walk Preview:
Dec2013 10

The month of December is synonymous with glad tidings, festival lights and holiday mayhem.  Come celebrate the season at Urban Light Studios on Friday December 13th as we pay an artistic tribute to the history of National Lampoon, featuring the work of over 40 of Seattle's finest artists and performers.  We will be screening Christmas Vacation throughout the evening and serving up some tasty refreshments!


Art Walk Preview:
Sep2013 9

Cyrus Kanga, an avid traveler, is based out of Redmond, WA.  His photographic works fall between the aesthetic and documentary.  In Cyrus's own words, "If these photographs have a purpose, it is this: they humanize.  I photograph to create a capture a pose, a thought, a glimpse, a moment.  Whatever the situation, these images stir up unexpected feelings in me.  Transcending time, my mind takes me back to the moments when a smile is pure inspiration, when eyes respond to a friendly gesture, when laughter of children brings down boundaries, when a brilliant scene is heavenly communion.  These are moments caught in stillness to stir movement within one's inner depth."  You can view Cyrus's work in person this Friday September 13th, click here to link to the facebook invite.


Sparklers! Camera! Action!
Jun2013 20

Sparklers aren't just fun on 4th of July, there are plenty of occasions where these little sticks of light can come in quite handy and add that perfect, illuminated touch.  Take a wedding for example, a great excuse to bust out some sparklers to create some AMAZE-BALLS photos!  A photographer is basically someone that is obsessed with light, so if you are getting married soon and you really want to try out some creative lighting techniques in photos, your photographer will most likely be more than happy to oblige you on this request (and maybe even burst with their head).  We tried out a sparkler photo last weekend that we have been itching to try and lucky for us, our awesome couple Lauren and Derek, were more than happy to be our models :)  Check out this incredible shot we captured!:

Want to know how to do this?  Of course you do.  Things you will need:
Speedlite and/or a video light
A bride and a groom
An assistant or willing participant
A can-do attitude

The photo above was shot at ISO 125, F/14 and a 15 second exposure.  This was achieved by placing the camera on a tripod to minimize blurring and we shined a video light (off camera) onto Lauren and Derek so the camera was able to focus on the subject.  The video light also served somewhat as a substitute for a flash and "froze" our subject.  We were relying mainly on ambient light and the light produced by the sparklers to illuminate the photo.  Have your assistant run around the couple several times with sparklers in both hands and then wave their hands up and down to create the swirled effect around them.  Another way this could be captured is with a speedlite on or off camera.  The speedlite will fire at the beginning of the exposure "freezing" your subject so that they will be sharp and in focus.  A smaller aperture, like the one we used, will produce thinner more precise sparkler lines where as a bigger aperture will produce a thicker more "blown-out" sparkler effect.  This is all just a matter of preference and the overall look you are going for.

Below are two photos of the classic sparkler send-off shot of the bride and groom.  These photos are shot using two different methods; the one on top is shot using only available light and the one on the bottom is shot using a balance between available light and speedlite.  This is achieved by using the speedlite to freeze your subject and then shooting at a slightly longer exposure (approx 20 sec).

And if your couple is extra cool and they bring light sabers to their wedding, you can get some super fun dancing photos like this (*note* light sabers are not required to create this shot):

This is achieved by using a technique called "dragging the shutter".  You need a zoom lens and a speedlite to create this shot.  The speedlite again is serving the purpose of freezing your subject.  This was shot at ISO 400, F/3.5 and a 5 second exposure with an 18-200 lens.  Start with the lens fully zoomed out and as soon as you push the shutter button, zoom the lens in all the way very quickly.  This will give you the "dragged" or "pulled" light effect.  Fun huh?!  Now go out and give it a try and have a blast!


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