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Urban Light Studios Presents

Barfly: Jessica Jorgensen

Opening Reception

May 13th, 2016 from 6-10PM

Jessica Jorgensen is a curious observer with a necessity to document the visual absurdities and narratives she sees repeated through her everyday life.

Her work explores the figures’ ability to carry emotion and story through the body, as well as the underlying figurative nature of objects personified. These observations are sometimes simple, sometimes serious, often spiritual, even silly at times, but her drawings and paintings are always incarnations of these observations and the emotional connections attached.

In the “Barfly” series, Jessica documents Seattle’s bar scene with a visually striking acuity and appreciation of light. She captures bartenders and patrons alike, telling their stories through her atmospheric works.


Live music by:

Justine Chan
Justine is a singer-songwriter based out of Seattle. Fueled by a love of literature, she performs covers and originals alike.

Shades Triangle
In the middle of a converging force of social movements, two musicians were birthed shining future rays down from their spaceship as they spoke of the upcoming doom if we didn’t break the cycle. Armed with fat synthesizers and robot drum machines, they interfaced into all the ears of those that would listen. Their message was simple: “Be cool to each other and then max and relax”.



Danica Francian

Georgetown Atelier Student Exhibition

Georgetown Atelier presents the student work of the full-time atelier. By teaching the foundations of classical art as the building blocks for professional artists, this program is designed to develop visually inventive gallery and industry artists alike.

The work represents the three tiered curriculum taught at Georgetown Atelier—Tier I: Drawing Foundations, Tier II: Painting Foundation with optional Digital Painting, and Tier III: Advanced Painting and Thesis Projects. Throughout the program, the students are training their eye in order to see and capture the subtleties of what they are observing. As they work towards becoming more accurate in their observations, they are creating a visual library from which they can work constructively and inventively. The program lays the foundations of observational and constructive methods from which the students are then able to build upon to achieve their individual goals.

Opening reception features tunes by Shane Degan!



Nikki Frumkin

Nikki Frumkin is an artist, teacher and alpinist living in Seattle, Washington. Her work is inspired by time spent hiking, climbing and mountaineering in the great pacific northwest. She is interested in the patterns in nature she finds as she explores.

Nikki believes that sharing stories makes the world a better and more interconnected place. Her work is driven by a desire to share the visual stories she collects as she adventures. As she goes, she bring her sketchbook and watercolors. Sometimes this is serene; sometimes it is bitterly cold.

Nikki Frumkin’s work thrives on the conflict between the wild wonder of the outdoors and the challenges that go with it. Although it is joyful, hiking can be very lonely as well, mountaineering more so. Mountaineering requires a person to spend long periods of time separated from their team by a rope for safety, often in the dark and alone in their thoughts. These activities are both incredibly difficult and supremely rewarding. Representing these ideas on paper through art gives them meaning.

By invoking this contrast in her work, Nikki aims to inspire wonder for the outdoors. In this way, the viewer will be able to discover what they already know about who they are and how they belong to the wild.



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Urban Light Studios Presents

Eye to Eye: Moksha Marquardt
Solo Exhibition

February 12th, 2016 from 6-10pm

Moksha Marquardt’s surrealist works pull the viewer in, exploring rich subconscious worlds through intricate line work. Heavily influenced by his upbringing in the Pacific Northwest, Moksha’s work reflects ideas such as consciousness in nature, the circle of life, and patterns in the environment.



Faint Peter

Reverb: Katie Kurkjy

Combining her interest in design and love of music, Katie Kurkjy creates one-of-a-kind sculptural assemblages using discarded instruments.

“Taking an instrument that has been broken, discarded,
or smashed, and transforming it is the driving force behind
what I do. This challenges the brain’s perception of the object while at the same time breathing new life into something that has been cast aside.”


eye to eye front


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