Art Walk Preview:
Sep2015 10

Kindra Nikole and Isobelle Ouzman bring the fantastical to life on a regular basis.  Lifting the veil of disbelief and separating the viewer from reality, their work explores our relationship with fairy tales by spinning elaborate, otherworldly narratives.  Coming together for the first time in this debut show, the two artists transform Urban Light Studios into a surreal visual playground.

You can read more details about this show on the Facebook invite here.

See more of Kindra's work and Isobelle's work using the following links:

Kindra Nikole

Isobelle Ouzman

This opening reception also features two live performances by Portland-based indie band Small Leaks Sink Ships and Seattle-based electronica band Dacha.  Performances from 7pm to 9pm. 

Let's rock! can also catch the closing reception of the 3rd annual Between Two Worlds Twin Peaks inspired art show, curated by Maxx Follis.  It is happening again... 


Prime dates available and up for grabs!
May2015 12

If you are planning any kind of special event, we still have some seriously PRIME dates available in 2015!  We offer a truly unique space for your event that not only enables you to purchase and supply your own alcohol (big money saver!) but with the existing eclectic vibe, you don't have to do much in terms of decor.  Nice and simple!  Being that we are also a photography studio, you can hire the in-house photography team to document your event.  If you are into the venue and our photography, we offer a package that bundles both, so awesome we had to dub it, The Ridiculous Package.

You can read more about our rates, caterers, etc here.  You can also check out our photography portfolio and blog here.  We absolutely love showing guests around our incredible space, so please feel free to reach out to us to schedule a tour.  This is the kind of place you really need to see to believe!


Art Walk Preview:  Amelia Sherritt SOLO Exhibition - this Fri 5/8 6-10pm!
May2015 6

This show is sure to appeal to all those wine-o's out there!  Amelia Sherritt has been rooted in the Seattle area for her entire life.  She finds inspiration in her city, as well as the surrounding beauty of Washington State.  Amelia began working with recycled art in 2007, her palette solely comprised of foils from emptied wine bottles.  Each piece of art contains hundreds if not thousands of recycled wine foils.

"I love to think of how each foil represents a memory or experience shared.  By re-purposing these foils, I am able to make what would normally be thrown away into something long lasting and beautiful."

See more of Amelia's work here:


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